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MLO was done in cooperation with LUKY00010. We put maximum effort to optimalization. Thats why this whole police station is divided into 5 separated MLO's.

This mlo also used doortuning and audio occlusion's that you can find here

Every texture of this mlos exept of some small custom props are changable 

5th floor:

  • 3x Private office's for your Command staff
  • Captain office
  • Toilet

4th floor:

  • 3x Private office's for your Command staff
  • Briefing room
  • Toilet

3th loor:

  • 2x floor with open office's
  • Toilet
  • Detective division
  • Swat division
  • IT

2st floor:

  • GYM
  • Academy/Briefing room
  • Ceremonial room

1st floor:

  • Main lobby
  • Information counter
  • Cleaning room
  • Meeting room
  • Media room
  • Toilets
  • Lockes for mans and womans (separated)
  • Cafeteria (kitchen)
  • Showers

-1st floor:

  • Garage for your officers

-3th floor:

  • Armoury
  • Evidence room
  • Recognize room
  • 2x 8 cells (completly 16cells)
  • 3x solitaries
  • Mugshot room
  • 4x Interrogation room